Have you considered bringing a part-time specialist into your practice?

Pair Dental is a platform that matches part-time traveling specialists with dental practice owners who want to bring their services in-house.
Pair Dental matches the specialists, with the availability in their schedule, to practices with the desire to bring specialty services to their patients “in-house”.

Services include:

  • Specialist-Practice matching
  • Insurance Credentialing
  • Revenue cycle management “RCM”
  • Dental Practice Team Training
  • Supplies guidance through their Formulary Product
  • Sourcing Staff

How It Works

Specialists travel to the GP practices to perform specialty services as needed, usually on a once per month basis, which allows the GP can keep production dollars in-house. After both sides meet and decide to move forward, Pair prepares both sides for a successful treatment day. The specialist produces an average range of $6,000 to $20,000 per treatment day. Since their fee is paid by the specialist, they charge zero fees to the practice owner for getting matched and set up. There is no risk to try it out. This option is far superior to just posting an ad, since Pair provides the framework and pre-screened specialists making the experience more predictable.

Whether it’s Endo, Perio, OS, Ortho, Pedo, or Prosth, Pair has a large network of providers nationwide. And has the expertise, equipment and experience to serve you and your patients.

How To Get Started:

To get started with a free search for a match, please sign up by filling out the registration below, or schedule a call with Pair using this link: https://calendly.com/pairdental-intro/practice

You can also visit-or register-directly from our website:

* Make certain to mention and fill in the special code: P4D when you order to enjoy the lowest possible pricing on Pair services.