What sets us apart​

Our expertise and integrated planning methodology, as well as our exclusive focus on serving the needs and objectives of dentists. Our planning methodology is based on meeting the needs of dentists and because of this specialized focus we believe we understand the financial needs of dentists better than other organizations.

Comprehensive Integrated solutions​

Because you spend so much of your early career in dental school and advanced educational programs your earning cycle is compressed. Therefore, more than most professional groups, dentists need efficient and effective planning strategies to maximize savings and minimize taxes in order to make up for lost earning years. Our goal is to help you attain financial independence sooner and with less risk.

We will build a customized financial plan based specifically on your needs and objectives. The plan is designed after a thorough assessment of your economic lifecycle and short- and long-term goals and then managed over time.

We don’t believe in the “cut back save more approach” to financial planning. Our program is distinctly different. Our method is to identify inefficiencies in your current structure both personal and professional and capitalize by converting these inefficiencies into savings. Often times we find dentists with $50,000 or more of inefficiencies that they don’t even know that they have. These savings compounded year after year and conservatively invested can potentially provide a large income stream at retirement.

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