About Profit4Dentists

Profit4Dentists is an exclusive member-benefit organization dedicated to empowering today’s dental practice owners.
Through our marketplace we provide best-in-class dental supplies and services. Through the power of group purchasing, you get savings and efficiencies that today’s dentists need to stay competitive and independent.

Membership in our community also provides unique peer-to-peer networking and collaboration opportunities. Our Profit4Dentists Webinar Series is a great way to get to know and learn from our partners and share ideas with other members.

What can a Profit4Dentists.com membership do for you?

For example, $50,000 per month dental practice (gross collections) can increase profit margin from $2,200 to $2,800 with just four Profit4Dentists partners. Start with immediate savings on dental supplies and lab services. Then add new revenues through improved PPO reimbursements, and increase treatments by initiating easy-to-manage in-office patient membership plans.

Maximize revenue with our full complement of partners

Our partners also provide services in information technology, HIPPA and data security, billing, planning, practice insurance, marketing and website design, communications and scheduling, equipment repair, and wealth and practice management.

Savings—and new revenue—from working with some or all Profit4Dentists partners could result in monthly increases of 20 to 40%!

Can you build the practice of your dreams? Yes!

What if you could improve employee moral and reduce turnover? Increase operational efficiency and case acceptance? Build a broader patient base? Create new profit centers while working fewer hours? Make investments work harder? Retire sooner? Profit4Dentists can help you realize just about any goal imaginable.

Need more information?

Browse all Profit4Dentists partners here. Check out our video page & webinar library here. Ready to get started? Sign up now. Have a question? Talk to a Profit4Dentist professional (it’s free)!

Created by dental industry pros

Profit4Dentists was created by industry professionals with years of dental practice experience. Meet D. Douglas Cassat, DDS, and David W. Hough:

D. Douglas Cassat, DDS

Co-Founder Partner

David W. Hough

Co-Founder Partner

Advisory Board

Profit4Dentists draws upon some of the dental industry’s best talent. Our mission—to become the dental industry’s best member-benefit organization of independent dental practice owners.
This experienced group of dental industry experts bring decades of clinical innovation and business acumen to Profit4Dentists. We are proud to work with this group of brilliant dental professionals.
Left to right: Dr. Douglas Cassat, Dr. Rob Dunlap, Dr. Jacquelyn Freeman, Dr. Cherilyn Kasperian, Dr. David Donnelly, Dr. Rene Alingog, Dr. Adam Monroe, Trevin Epps, Dr. James Berry, Dr. Yaron Miller, Dr. Jeremy Bold, David Hough.