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Practice Management Group​

How Can Practice Enhancement Group (PEG) Help?​​
If you look at your practice’s numbers, do you know the simplified, specific numbers and activities which enhance cash flow, profit and practice strength? When you hone the focus and accuracy of your activities, your results improve. Better results give you better choices in your practice, your personal finances, and hopefully, your quality of life at home and the practice.
As an objective, engaged “partner-in-spirit,” PEG leverages your most valuable resources–your time, energy, money, and experience–with our decades of CFO-level experience, expertise and wisdom. We analyze and simplify the thousands of numbers in your practice, educating you on an accelerated your learning curve about what to do, how to do it, and in what order. From there, we monitor the results together and translate these into tomorrow’s actions, with the effect of propelling your practice ahead. Your result is improved ROI (return on investment) and ROE (return on energy).
We walk the journey alongside you and your practice as your forward-thinking, business manager, controller, bookkeeper, or payables manager, offering observations and recommendations to educate and elevate your desired outcomes.
Educate — What do the numbers mean?
Elevate – How does added education change my perspective on my practice?
PEG’s a la carte services include:

Our preference is to work in harmony with your existing financial team. Yet if requested, we can effectively support in all financial roles needed to support you practices back office needs. These include Accounts Payable Specialist, Master Bookkeeper, Controller, CFO or business-partner-in-spirit (for most this is at a lower investment than internal, onsite solutions).

Now you can experience the invaluable benefits to your organization at a fraction of the investment for an in-house, full-time CFO. PEG is dedicated to help you make more, keep more, and enjoy more.

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**Exclusively for members, you will receive a minimum of $3700 savings on support services, ask us how?

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