Rocco’s Dental Studio

Rocco’s Dental Studio

About Rocco’s Dental Studio​

Since 1981, Rocco’s Dental Studio has been one of San Diego’s leading cosmetic dental laboratories, having served dentists in the surrounding communities and across the nation.

Dedicated to the highest standard of quality and esthetics, Rocco’s has extensive expertise in fixed cosmetic dentistry, including beautiful all ceramic veneers, porcelain crowns, lab processed composites, crown and bridge restorations, and implants.

Positioning itself for high end dentistry, Rocco’s takes pride in the creation of their highly esthetic systems, i.e.; Zirconia, IPS Empress® CAD, IPS eMax® CAD, ProCAD®, MarkII, TriLuxe, Authentic, belleGlass, DiamondCrown™, Sinfony®, and Sculpture.

With a tradition of personalized attention, Rocco’s offers responsive, concerned, and dedicated service. We provide experienced case planning and a quality control system that results in a product that you can depend on.

Owned by Art & Kristie Rocco, their commitment is to stay on the leading edge of technology to provide excellent workmanship for you and your patients. We invite you to experience our commitment to excellence and to enjoy the benefits of our services.

Please contact us at 800-997-6226 or, make sure to list or mention your membership code: P4D, to receive the special reduced pricing discount available through your membership.