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Veritas Dental​

Increase your PPO reimbursement by 10 to 40%!

In Roman mythology, Veritas was the goddess of truth. In today’s age, the word means truth. As a dentist, we know that the truth is something you will not get from insurance companies.

Veritas Dental Resources helps dentists fight for increased PPO fees as well as helping dentists find the truth when it comes to insurance processes in general.

We take pride in helping doctors navigate the complexities of dealing with insurance, starting with helping you negotiate better reimbursement terms.

We believe quality matters! Our mission is to help you protect the financial integrity of quality care through our skilled and proven fee negotiating techniques.

Insurance Fee Negotiating
Fee negotiating is not a well-known concept in the dental industry. We are one of only a few companies in the entire U.S. that provides this service! Our fee insurance services include:

“The services Veritas provided did more (and in a much shorter time) to impact my practice’s bottom line profit than anything I have ever employed. I can recommend their services without hesitation.” – William G., DMD, Gilbert, Arizona.

Please contact us at 888-808-4513 or, make sure to list or mention your membership code: P4D, to receive the special reduced pricing discount available through your membership.